Where Can You Find Centro Naturista in Peru?

Where Can You Find Centro Naturista in Peru?

In the article “Where you can taste Peruvian tea emoliente?”, I wrote about the special herbal tea which you can find on street corners throughout Peru. Emoliente is served from mobile street escort izmir stalls. However, Emoliente is also available in special stores called “Centros Naturistas“. These places are very popular among the locals. Every day a lot of people come here to drink emoliente with healthy herbal additives.

In Cusco, for example, there is a Centro Naturista in San Pedro Market near the izmir bayan escort city centre and in Wanchaq Market (which is a little further out and not as visited by tourists).

Huaraz boasts a famous, high-quality centro naturista at number 363 Jr. San Martin Street. Below are a few pictures of this particular centro naturista.

Centro naturista in Peru
A local and a tourist at centro naturista
Centro naturista in Peru
A centro naturista with a queue

At centros naturistas, you can buy various herbal drinks built on a base of emoliente tea. The price of each drink costs a maximum of 2 Soles.

Centro naturista in Peru
The typical prices of each beverage

In fact, the centro naturista in Huaraz really helped me during my stay there, giving me strength prior to a mountaineering trip to Tocllaraju Mountain.

Leading up to the trip I caught a cold and was unsure if I’d be fit to scale the mountain. Only a few days were left before the expedition and I decided to do everything I could to recuperate. First, I did a little research and came across the centro naturista. Curious and eager for a cure, I went there on the same day and visited twice a day over the next few days.

Centro naturista in Peru
My saviour in Huaraz

I always ordered a tea called macerado with an added dose of alfalfa, a bitter but healthy green liquid. Macerado is the best medicinal drink for sore throats and colds that I have ever tried. And apart from the alfalfa, served separately as a bitter shot, it was delicious. Macerado consists of emoliente, a dose of lemon and alcohol. In fact, the alcohol content is quite substantial. It’s possible to get drunk if you have a few glasses, so be careful! This drink should be treated as a medicine, taken at a dose to help you get well, not something to make you drunk.


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