New Wart Cure with Peruvian Bananas?

New Wart Cure with Peruvian Bananas?

Unlike beauty marks or freckles, warts are a virus that causes unnatural skin growth. They normally start small, but then begin to grow: both on your skin and in your mind as they become more embarrassing.

But…there is good news!

Peru has a natural cure for warts.

I had 2 warts that appeared during my first trip to Peru and was told that I could safely and effectively remove them with bananas – but not just any bananas. There are at least 7 different types of bananas in Peru and the type that I was recommended were ISLA bananas. I have always been curious about them. They vary in taste and appearance, compared to other bananas I have tried. In addition to their great taste, their healing characteristics were also incredible.

Bananas Peru
Buying bananas ISLA on the market in Lima
Peruvian fruit banana ISLA
My almost destroyed warts and bananas ISLA

I was told that I could remove my warts by rubbing the skin of the ISLA banana on them. Of course, I was skeptical – but, being open to adventure and a bit of fun, I decided to start this new “treatment”. I rubbed the banana peel on the wart and then wrapped my fingers with the banana peel overnight.

Curing warts with banana isla


I did not have to wait long to see the results. After just week, the warts scabbed and fell off, along with my problems. So if you are are going to Peru and are struggling with warts, seek out the ISLA banana. This inconspicuous-looking fruit is a real treasure and Daspe Travel staff know exactly where to get them.

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