Natural Penicillin? The Peruvian Medicine Called Tocosh

Natural Penicillin? The Peruvian Medicine Called Tocosh

Does such a thing as natural penicillin exist? Well, it turns out that it does – Peruvians claim that it’s a wonder cure for a variety of illnesses. This mysterious medicine is called tocosh and has its origins in the north and center of Peru. It’s also known as Inca Penicillin or Ancient Andean Antibiotic, because its existence dates back to Incan and pre-Incan culture: that of the Chavin.Tocosh in its natural form (fermented potatoes) can be found in Huánuco and Huaraz.

 peruvian penicillin tocosh
Tocosh on the streets

In other regions, you will usually find it in a processed, powdered form.

 peruvian penicillin tocosh
Processed tocosh

Where can you find Tocosh?

Well, if you want to try non-processed tocosh, you need to look for the fermented spuds. There’s one thing you can be completely sure of when you’re looking for tocosh: you can’t miss them. How? The smell. They reek – your nostrils will be under attack from quite a distance away. This may cause you to want to abandon your mission, but stay focused, because your courage will be rewarded with a cheap and effective antibiotic with a variety of applications.

 peruvian penicillin tocosh
Me, purchasing the smelly medicine

Eating these fermented potatoes, usually in a sort of porridge dessert, or in its powdered form mixed with liquid; can act as a preventative or cure for numerous ailments. Tocosh is used for the common cold, gastric ulcers, heartburn, pneumonia, and even altitude sickness. This natural Andean antibiotic also boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation of urinary tracts, prevents osteoporosis, helps improve the digestive system and helps maintain body temperature. Ground izmir escort into a flour, this Inca penicillin can also be applied to wounds.

It really is a magical cure!

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