Organizing Treks Through the Maukallaqta Ruins Near Cusco

Organizing Treks Through the Maukallaqta Ruins Near Cusco

Cusco is the perfect base for any trekking adventures you might want to do. The surrounding highlands are filled with potential. Some of these routes are better, faster, safe and just more comfortable when organized with a tour company; but some are easy to do on your own, at almost no cost!

Are you interested in a cheap day trip in Peru? Read on to find out how to do it solo.

Trekking to the ruins of Maukallaqta

The first place I can recommend is Maukallaqta (also Mauca Llacta), located near Yaurisque in the Paruro Province.

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
The hills in Maukallaqta

A perfect trek with minimal expense and with hardly another tourist in sight.

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
The ruins of Maukallaqta

The ruins of Maukallaqta are still largely unknown, which is why tourists rarely visit. Comprising of more than 200 structures, the ruins are the largest and most (locally) well-known to the Pacariqtambo region. Anyone who enjoys a little walking can reach it!

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
Enjoying the views to myself

How to get there?

First, take a local bus from Cusco to Yaurisque (en route to Paruro town). It takes around 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get there. Once in Yaurisque, ask the locals which way to Maukallaqta – here your trek begins. Your bus ticket costs 12-15 soles each way.

First, you need to take a local bus from Cusco to the town of Yaurisque (on the way to Paruro town). It will take approximately 1.5 hours by bus.  You need to leave the bus in Yaurisque and ask locals for the route to the Maukallaqta ruins – which will be the starting point of your trek. A one-way bus ticket will cost around 12-15 Soles.

The route is easy to find, and it’s nearly impossible to get lost. The only point of confusion is where exactly to start in Yaurisque, as there are no signs. But as long as you find a friendly local and use your Spanish, you’ll be fine.

The walking time is 3.5 hours each way. The first stretch contains around 8km of road.

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
The first stretch of the hike

You’ll finally reach a sign that says “Maukallaqta”, from here you’re onto the next stretch, which is steeper.

If you don’t feel like walking the first part you can catch a taxi to the sign for a few Soles, cutting 8km off your trek.

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
The shortcut – a taxi!

But if you’ve got the time, then I recommend that you walk. It’s easy, flat, and surrounded by wonderful views.

From the Maukallaqta sign, things get a little harder, you’ll be making your way uphill for 1.5 hours. But never fear: the incline is only mild, you won’t be worn out.

Trekking to Maukallaqta ruins
Make sure to look out for this sign!

It’s as easy as that! I hope your enjoy your trip to Maukallaqta.

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