Puya Raimondi Forest & Queswachaka Bridge

Two unique attractions in one day

During our exclusive one-day Inca Exploration tour you can combine the breathtaking landscapes of the Peruvian Andes with incredible natural wonders and rarely visited relics of the ancient Inca Empire far away from the usual tourist crowds!

This package offers 5 hours of trekking through 2 very different terrains, which will give you the opportunity to visit two unique world-class attractions: the forest of giant Puyas Raimondii, and the Queswachaka bridge – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

For more information on the Queswachaka (Q’eswachaca) Bridge, watch the following video:


Travel with passion and discover the ancient Inca country from a completely different perspective!

Maximum altitude: 4000 m (13125 ft) above sea level.

Tour Itinerary

This tour can be completed two ways, either beginning and ending in Cusco, or beginning in Cusco and ending in Puno. Please let us know which you would prefer at the time of booking.